We are with you every step of the way!

Let’s face it: relocating to a new metropolitan area can be a daunting task. Don’t worry Cambridge Realty Group is here to help!



It is expensive to live in the Cambridge/ Somerville market and the surrounding areas. We are the third most competitive rental market in the country, surpassed only by New York City and San Francisco. If you are coming from a non-metropolitan area, please be prepared for sticker shock; your rent could be significantly higher.



Timing is everything. You do not want to be too late and miss the best places. You also do not want to be too early – nothing will be available. Most of the best apartments will be available in the April through September time frame. Most leases begin on the 1st of the month and 90% of all leases expires on August 31st of the given year.



To find and rent the right living place encompasses a number of factors. So, before starting your search it is crucial to consider these factors and to establish a list of 2-3 priorities that meet your needs. For example:

- Your Budget

- The Location (Close to T; City Preference)

- The Style of apartment (Open; Railroad; Traditional)

- The Building Style (Single Familyl Mutli-Family; Managed Building)

 - The Floor Type (Carpet versus Hardwood)

- The Kitchen Features (Dishwasher; Gas or Electric Stove, etc)

- The Size of the Apartment

- Parking

- Pet Policies



Location to the “T” is everything. The closer you are, the more expensive it is. Properties with parking are at a premium, if it is even available. In Cambridge and Somerville, street parking is by city permit only.

Cambridge and Somerville are very unfriendly pet towns. Cats and dogs are not usually welcome. If you have a pet, expect to pay a high premium for an apartment. If you find an apartment that works for you and allows pets, ACT QUICKLY before it is gone. For more information on having pets in the city, visit our Pet Owner Tips!



If you are relocating to the Greater Boston area, and need assistance on your transition, our staff is more than happy to assist you, at least get you pointed in the right direction.   If you have a friend in the area, have them get in touch with us to look at apartments for you. Additionally, we will take pictures and send them via e-mail for you and may be able to prepare a video tour specifically for you. If you are interested in moving forward and taking an apartment off the market; we will e-mail or fax a rental application. Upon receiving the completed application and any supporting documentation, the lease will be prepared and delivered to you for your review and signature. You should anticipate paying first month, last month, broker fee and one month’s security deposit.



Furnished apartments in the Cambridge and Somerville areas are expensive and rare. If you are staying for six months or more, it makes more sense and is less costly to rent an unfurnished apartment and buy or lease your own furniture. We can recommend several rental furniture places.


If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call us (617) 661-6600 or take a look at our Tenant FAQ.