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Ranjita is my only choice to market and rent my apartments in Cambridge. Her attention to detail, customer service skills and respect for people is what places is her above her peers.
She is extremely professional and works tirelessly to accommodate the landlord and property owner. I would give Ranjita my highest recommendations.
Date of Posting: 11 March 2015
Posted By: Paula H
I have worked with Ranjita Singh as a cooperating agent in rental transactions in and around Cambridge for several years. I have consistently found her to be professional, polished and positive in her approach as well as prompt to appointments, intelligent and thorough in all aspects of the rental search and approval process, employing an engaging personal manner that has made working together both a dependable and pleasant experience.
Date of Posting: 28 February 2015
Posted By: Andrea Blum
Dear Toni,

First of all, let me thank you for a job well done. I was beginning to get worried that my house in Cambridge would not be rented for the month of July as well. Your prompt and effective actions on my behalf were a welcome rescue. Out of the several agencies I posted this property with, I’d have to say you delivered the best service.

On a personal note, I’d also like to thank you for trying to arrange for me to crash at the house overnight when I was stuck in Boston after missing my bus out. It turns out I was able to stay with an old friend, but your efforts go above and beyond what is normally expected and I thank you for that.

I doubt you’ve been told this, but when I called to list the house with your agency the first time, I told the person that your agency’s business card was marked with 2 stars on the side. This would seem to indicate that my parents had a high degree of confidence in your company’s abilities. Your actions since then have proven their confidence was properly placed, Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Joe L.
Date of Posting: 25 February 2011
Posted By: Joe L.

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